Do I Need to Make a Minimum Purchase to Use a Silver Diner Gift Card in Washington DC?

Using a credit card or Silver Diner gift card to pay for an online order is easy and convenient. But do you need to make a minimum purchase in order to use your Silver Diner gift card?The Hamilton is a restaurant and venue for all ages, however, we ask that a parent or guardian accompany underage guests. Any age restrictions will be indicated in the show information on our website. Regardless of the restriction, in order to consume alcohol, it is necessary to present an identity document that proves that you are 21 years of age or older.

All guests who wish to drink at our establishment are subject to strict identity control. If you're at street level and need help getting into the club, you can call the box office at 202-296-700. You can also close the Silver Diner app and open it again - you will automatically be logged back in to the online ordering section. If you want to use your Silver Diner gift card for To Go orders, call the Silver Diner branch and order by phone for takeout or to go by car. You can also present your kids' club card to the waiter to receive a point (only for dinner at the restaurant or just to take over the phone). Call Silver Diner's Customer Care department at 1-866-561-0518 Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 (Eastern Time) and provide them with your Kids Club account number and receipt number so they can add the points to your account or transfer the points you already have to a new card. At the very least, this means that you'll be seated in the VIP section (usually in the front rows of tables right in front of the stage).

Silver Diner reserves the right to add or remove participating restaurants, modify the rules or prizes, audit or cancel your account, or cancel the program at any time and without notice. So, do you need to make a minimum purchase in order to use your Silver Diner gift card? The answer is no - there is no minimum purchase required when using a Silver Diner gift card at The Hamilton in Washington DC.

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