Do I Need a Minimum Purchase to Use a Debit Card at Silver Diner in Washington DC?

Present your registration number, phone number, or Eat Well, Do Well card to your waiter and let them know you want to redeem your reward during your visit. Silver Diner reserves the right to add or remove participating restaurants, modify the rules or prizes, audit or cancel your account, or cancel the program at any time without notice. Federal and state tax obligations are the responsibility of the cardholder. Participating sponsors can impose their own rules.

Applicants must be 13 years of age or older to become members. Employees of Silver Diner Development, Inc. are not eligible for membership. No minimum purchase is required to use a debit card at Silver Diner in Washington DC.

However, if you want to have access to additional features (i.e., favorite orders, last order) and receive special discounts, we recommend that you create an Eat Well, Do Well account. An account allows you to access your order and modify it after it has been placed. If you don't have an account (log in as a guest) you can't modify the order once it's placed. Car Hop is our curbside service.

We will deliver your order to your car. There is no need to enter. When you arrive, park in one of the spaces designated for renting cars and call the phone number on the sign to inform us of your arrival and your space number. If the change is simple and at no additional cost, we will be happy to manage it.

If you want to delete an item, we recommend that you log in and modify your order. If you don't have an online account, we recommend that you call the branch to modify your order. What is a simple exchange with no additional charge? Eliminate an ingredient or replace it with a similar ingredient that doesn't have a surcharge. For example, removing the tomato from a hamburger or replacing fried potatoes with mixed vegetables is a simple change at no additional cost.

If you want to replace the sweet potato chips or add cheese, there is a surcharge and we will have to include it on a new ticket separately (at the discretion of the manager). Replacements or removal of natural options from a menu item are allowed. We automatically list a variety of natural substitutions for each menu item. For example, the Bacon Bleu burger will ask you which of the ingredients you want to remove and which side you would like to have.

If your replacement is not listed, we recommend that you call the branch to modify your order. All online orders must be paid in advance with a credit card or Silver Diner gift card. If you want to pay at the store, call the branch to place your order to take away or to go by car. Use a credit card or a Silver Diner gift card to pay for an online order. We recommend using 110% certificates to dine at our restaurant. If you want to use a 110% Silver Diner certificate for To Go, call the Silver Diner branch and order by phone for takeout or to go by car.

Once the order is received, the check is closed. For great service, you can tip your companion or driver in cash. Anyone can place an order as a guest from our website. I placed an order online but haven't seen my visitor credit applied to my account. What should I do? Visit credits for online orders only apply once the order has been completed.

If you picked up your order and still don't see that your point has been applied to you, contact the Customer Care Department at 1-866-561-0518. If you are going to place an order as soon as possible, you will not be able to cancel it, since the order immediately goes to our kitchen. However, you can cancel a future order from the Silver Diner mobile app. What do I do if I don't earn rewards when I dine at home? No, Kids Club accounts and rewards are not supported when ordering online. However, during the COVID pandemic, you can earn points for your online order by calling Silver Diner Guest Relations and providing your receipt number, location, and total (not including tip). Call the Silver Diner Customer Service Department and inform them of your Kids Club account number, location, and receipt number so that they can apply the point to your account after your visit. No, you need a Kids Club card to earn a point and a pin during any visit.

My son already has this pin. Can you give me another one? No sorry we can only offer one collectible pin per visit. My children don't have an email address. Can I use a parent's email? Points don't expire but can be redeemed for a free ticket for children after earning five points. Kids Club rewards can be combined with an instant prize.

Instant rewards are not valid in conjunction with any other instant prize, discount or promotional certificate. Silver Diner reserves the right to add or remove participating restaurants make changes to the rules or prizes audit or cancel your account or terminate the program at any time without notice Applicants must be 12 years or younger to become members Please note that Guest Relations does not have the ability to link your account to a school.(Silver Diner) is committed to protecting your privacy; we take your privacy very seriously. We will not sell rent or distribute your personally identifiable information which we receive through our website or from any other source to third parties except as explained below. Please read the following policy to understand the care with which Silver Diner will treat your information This policy may change from time to time so please check back periodically. Can I remain anonymous when providing information to Silver Diner? You can visit our website without identifying yourself or providing us with any personal information.

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