Do You Need to Make a Minimum Purchase to Use a Credit Card at Blues Alley in Washington DC?

Do you need to make a minimum purchase to use a credit card at Blues Alley in Washington DC? The answer is yes. You must pay at least the total minimum payment due shown on each statement before the payment due date, and you can pay more at any time without penalty. Plus members will now enjoy free shipping on most online items. The items will indicate Free Plus Shipping or Free Shipping.

Currently, shipping is not available for Puerto Rico. Drop Ship resellers can ship free of charge to up to a total of 20 different addresses. Free shipping will not be available for addresses that exceed that limit. Sam's Club reserves the right to modify the terms of this program in whole or in part, at any time, as determined by Sam's Club and without notice to the member.

Free shipping is limited to ground shipping. Faster shipping methods will incur a fee, unless it is specified that they are free of charge. At this time, weekends and holidays are not included. The Free Shipping for Plus program only offers free standard shipping for online items.

This program does not include shipping from the club. For your protection, some orders may be forwarded to our order verification team. As part of this verification, we will notify you by email, usually within 48 business hours, to validate your order. Respond promptly so that your order is not canceled.

Also, make sure to provide accurate contact information when placing your order. Due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restrictions, we are unable to ship items by air (premium or express) that contain regulated or hazardous materials. The restrictions are usually indicated on the product page and these items can only be shipped overland to the 48 contiguous states. Get updates on discount events, special offers, new items, club events, and more.

This fact sheet provides general information about the application of the FLSA to employees of restaurants and fast food establishments.


in 1965, Blues Alley is the oldest jazz dinner club in the country and has featured internationally renowned concert hall artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson and Grover Washington Jr. When using a credit card at Blues Alley in Washington DC, you must make a minimum purchase in order to use it. Payments made through different channels before Diners Club receives your payment have different processing times. Located in the heart of historic Georgetown, in an 18th century red brick garage, Blues Alley offers its customers a unique atmosphere, reminiscent of jazz clubs from the 1920s and '30s.

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