Are Pets Allowed at the Diner Club in Washington DC?

Are you looking for a pup-friendly restaurant in Washington, DC? Look no further! Art and Soul, Logan Tavern, Peacock Café, Police Station, Chef Geoff's, Tortino Restaurant, and Mr. Wunder Garten are all great places to take your four-legged friend. Wunder Garten is especially great because it has a climate-controlled courtyard where you and your pup can hang out all year round. It's important to remember that service animals are not considered pets and are allowed in restaurants even if pets are not.

So if you see a service animal in the restaurant, you know they are allowed to be there. When visiting the Diner Club in Washington DC, please note that there is no dress code but gentlemen should avoid wearing shorts, sandals, sleeveless shirts, sportswear, ripped clothing, or baseball caps. Additionally, the Diner Club does not have high chairs or space for strollers.

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